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Welcome to the wild and wonderful state of West Virginia! This wonderful state is a treasure trove of beauty and charm that awaits you the moment you pass the state line.  A native has revealed some of their favourite picturesque tiny towns in West Virginia to help you make the most of your visit. These are the towns that have stayed with them. And spurred enthusiastic recommendations to others along the way.

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  1. Fayetteville

Budget Traveller named Fayetteville one of the Coolest Towns in America. There are more lodging options for any budget. Enjoy a great gourmet sandwich and a side of Pimento Cheese Fries from Secret Sandwich Society.

  1. Thomas/Davis

When I visited Thomas a few weeks ago, I was blown away by the bustling art scene and new chic boutiques. Also, there is a superb coffee shop, a Christmas store, and other attractive stores. You will not be with the meal either. If you enjoy history, you’ll learn that the region has 50 structures. It has been added to the National Register of historic locations.

  1. Shepherdstown

Shepherdstown constitutes one of West Virginia’s earliest settlements, situated on Jefferson County’s peninsula. Enjoy magnificent views of the Potomac River or explore the attractions of the town. That was a close second to becoming our nation’s capital. The Bavarian Inn Resort & Brewing Company, with award-winning German food. (think schnitzel, apple strudel, and sausages), comfy, attractive rooms, and a wonderful infinity pool, is a favourite of mine. Shepherdstown has a colonial vibe to it that you will notice right away.

  1. Summersville
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All you boaters and campers… In West Virginia, Summersville (Nicholas County) is the place to be. Summersville Lake offers a full-service marina as well as a public beach. Mountain Lake Campground provides golf rentals, so you can camp on your own or hire a cabin or yurt. Sarge’s Dive Shop rents paddleboards and kayaks and offers diving tours. Summersville Lake also has pontoons and speedboats for rent, which make for a fun day on the clear lake.

  1. White Sulphur Springs

White the Sulphur Springs is a wonderful hamlet adjacent to the nation’s premier resort. Since 1778, the Greenbrier has been America’s resort. White Sulphur Springs is a lovely hamlet with little shops and festivals. If fishing is your thing, cast your line and prepare to reel in some monster fish. Do you need some well-deserved pampering? While treating yourself, enjoy the revitalising effects of Halotherapy.

  1. Marmet

Marmet, West Virginia’s capital city, is only a few minutes away. Chum’s has the best West Virginia hot dogs (try the yellow mustard slaw! ), but it is also a community with a timeless annual ritual that is worth a visit. Join the Marmet community and tourists as they roll out the red carpet for the Labour Day festivities and procession.

  1. Seebert

Seebert, a beloved village in West Virginia’s scenic Pocahontas County, exudes charm. Don’t forget to stop by Jack Horner’s Corner, your go-to spot for kayak and tube rentals. Immerse yourself in the refreshing waters to embrace the native way of life. If you’re new to river tubing, Put on your swimsuit and water shoes, grab a tube and float downstream. Do you need supplies? Jack Horner’s Corner also sells groceries, pizza, and other everyday necessities.

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  1. Sutton

Visit Sutton, a lovely Braxton County community! Discover the charming downtown, where you can eat excellent food while axe-throwing at Bad Axe Bistro. Book a room at the lovely Elk River Hotel and Café. It also offers glamping in cosy domes along the scenic Elk River, for a wonderful stay. The Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, a behemoth, is nearby. And, if you hadn’t guessed, it’s haunted and has been on many Ghost Network shows. A visit to this National Historic Landmark is strongly recommended.

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