The Best Mobile Games Of 2023 You Must Play

The Best Mobile Games Of 2023 You Must Play

2023 is an interesting year for gaming. I mean, on this hand, you have got the PS5 coming out and then on the other hand, you have got the PlayStation Portable, and then you can get your hands on the cost-efficient Nintendo Switch Lite. Then, there comes the giant ROG Ally. Steam Deck has already arrived. If you want to game, you have got your gear.

But what if you want to game on your phone? Well, the truth is most of the Call of Duty Battle Royale and PUBG mobile or Call of Duty Warzone Mobile content literally dominates the Internet. People make a living out of playing games on the Smartphone.

The Status of the Mobile Gaming World

As per statistics, there are now over 500,000 mobile games in the Google Play Store for Android devices and over 200,000 games in the Apple App Store for iPhones. I think that’s more than enough for making a choice on playing games on your Phone.

These mobile games range from all sorts of types, from a casual 2D game to a simple pixel art platformer or, a 3D top-down shooter or a 3D first/ 3rd person shooter game. They are easy to download and, quite honestly, free to play.

Although not all games are made in a way that you can enjoy them offline, many games on mobile platforms can still be found offline. In fact, story-based single-player campaign games are primarily offline.

Do You Need an Expensive Gaming Phone to Play Games on Mobile?

The plain answer to that is a ‘no’. Although some games are made in a processor-specific way – meaning those games are not going to run on weaker processors – most games can be played even on a budget phone.

However, gaming phones are not a waste of money. If you are into competitive gaming – particularly online – and you stream your videos, then a good gaming phone can supply you with all the firepower you need. Phones like the ASUS ROG and the Nubia Red Magic can offer you beastlike computing strength to manage any game. Plus their hardware is more equipped to help you out with things such as cooling etc.

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Do you need a gaming phone right now but you lack the money to buy it? Well. gaming phones are a little expensive than usual Smartphones. You can take out emergency loans for the unemployed in the UK.  Unemployed loans such as this product can help you get credit in zero income. You can repay the lender back with your future income or from alternative earning sources (you may also use a benefits program).

Mobile Games to Play in 2023

I prepared a list for you, which is not going to be enough. After finishing this, you are welcome to venture out and learn something more about new games that are out there in the app stores.

  1. Dust and Neon

When console-quality graphics, a stunning sci-fi world and robots come together with even more robot enemies and, of course, a variety of guns, you see a good shooter in development. Well, this game is developed by none other than Netflix. The gameplay is 3D and also in the top-down style. The action in the game is tactical, but, to tell you the truth, it looks and feels pretty unique. You can play the game offline.

  1. Huntdown

The game was originally made for Nintendo Switch. Then, it arrived at the Android platform. The developers have done a fantastic job combining cyberpunk elements in a simple pixel art shooter game of the platformer style. The storyline is great, and yes, you can play the game offline.

  1. Door Kickers Action Squad

Door kickers have been a widely known title in the PC gaming world. Although you get the classic Door Kickers game on Android, too, you should try out its new version called Door Kickers: Action Squad. The game is tactical but made in the platformer style with stunning pixel art graphics. The game is offline.

  1. Call of Duty Warzone Mobile 

Can I tell you something honestly? The game on the mobile platform sometimes exceeds the gameplay of PC or consoles. The reason for that is the developers have optimised it beautifully for mobile devices. If you have a good phone to play the game, the battle royale experience will be fast-paced, adventurous and loads of fun. The game is online.

  1. Nuclear Day Survival
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I have not played it. But I can tell you it is a great game by the way it looks. It is a simple platformer game where you need to survive the post-apocalyptic world where radiation and lack of resources are the main challenges. You will need to find resources, equip yourself with weapons, and fight opponents to survive. And yes, all of this content is in a beautifully comic-book-style animated platformer game! The game is probably offline.

  1. My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge

Blood, bullets, and bananas in the mobile device this time! Originally made for the console (and you can play it on PC), my friend Pedro is an amazing platformer run-and-gun shooter that will remind you of John Wick. The storyline follows Pedro, an experienced fighter with extremely good shooting skills, whose wife and kids are kidnapped, and he is left all alone to die. Guided by the banana, Pedro shoots and fights his way through hoards of armed gangs to reach the end. It’s gory but fun as a platformer. You can probably play it offline.

  1. The Walking Zombie 2: Shooter 

One of the best games in the mobile world, The Walking Zombie 2: Shooter, takes a step more than its first instalment, where your Avatar has been stationary. In this game, you get the entire first-person shooter experience and a fantastic, if not cinematic, storyline to follow. The game has different guns and weapons for you to try out, and you will love its Polygon graphics. It’s a game every gamer should have on their phones. It might be an offline game.

  1. WarStrike 

We gamers always view games as a first-person shooter. I mean, games are generally viewed that way. WarStrike is a very good game that brings s in all the goodness of a story or campaign-based mission in the first-person shooting environment. It is going to give you the Call of Duty vibes with the storyline and cinematic clips in between the game. Hopefully, it is an offline game, but online mode might apply to different kinds of gameplay, such as Team Death Match.

  1. Dungeons of Dreadlock
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I would like to finish the list with a casual puzzle-based game. Let me tell you that this game is famous because it deserves that applause. It is a top-down-style puzzle game where you enter a dungeon and make your way through each level by solving puzzles and facing grim creatures. It was probably made for Nintendo Switch but is now available for mobile devices. You can play it offline.

  • Old Games That Are Still Relevant in 2023 

Although you might find new games interesting, old games have not lost their vibes just yet. Here are a few you can still download and play on your phone. Please note that a few of them can be downloaded from the Play Store. You may have to download a zip file and install the other games.

  • Dead Space Mobile
  • Modern Combat Series (1 to 4)
  • Call of Duty: Strike Team
  • The Conduit
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard
  • Space Marshals (Series)
  • Alien Shooter (Series)
  • Xenowork
  • Brothers in Arms 2
  • Noblemen 1896
  • World War Polygon
  • Retro City Rampage DX (a GameBoy Game)

To Conclude

Gaming is not expensive. However, many gamers prefer buying a separate phone or a dedicated device for gaming.

It does not have to be a gaming phone. But a separate phone for gaming works best. You might also need to upgrade and repair your phone to get the best performance. If the money stops you, then get yourself one of the no-credit check loans with no guarantors involved. You can find this credit option from direct lenders.

Hope this post helped you with the information you required. Now, you can do some more research to choose your game and have tons of fun!


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