Are you a parent looking for a dining experience that caters to both your taste buds and your child’s cravings? Look no further than the Chipotle Kids Menu. At Chipotle, we understand the importance of offering not just tasty but also healthy options for kids. Our specially crafted Kids Menu is designed to delight your little ones while giving them peace of mind about what they’re eating.

Why Choose Chipotle for Your Kids?

As parents ourselves, we know that finding a restaurant that satisfies both your desires and your child’s preferences can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve put extra thought and care into our Kids Menu. Here’s why you should choose Chipotle:

Quality Ingredients

Chipotle is committed to sourcing high-quality, sustainably raised ingredients. We believe that fresh and wholesome foods are the foundation of a healthy diet. That’s why our Kids Menu features the same top-notch ingredients you’ll find in our regular offerings.


We understand that kids can be picky eaters. That’s why we offer a variety of options on our Kids Menu. Whether your child prefers a classic cheese quesadilla, a mini burrito, or a taco kit, we’ve got something to please even the choosiest little eaters.


At Chipotle, we believe in letting you and your child have it your way. Our Kids Menu items can be customized to suit your child’s taste. Add or remove ingredients, choose from our selection of salsas, and make it just the way your child likes it.


We know that nutrition is a top priority for parents. Our Kids Menu items are designed to provide the essential nutrients your child needs for growth and development. From lean protein to fresh vegetables, our offerings are both delicious and nutritious.

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No Artificial Additives

We take pride in serving food that is free from artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. You can trust that what your child is eating at Chipotle is made with real ingredients.

Allergen Information

We are committed to providing clear allergen information. Our staff is trained to assist with any dietary restrictions or allergies, ensuring a safe dining experience for your child.

Explore the Chipotle Kids Menu

Now, let’s dive into the exciting world of the Chipotle Kids Menu. Here are some of our kid-approved favorites:

Bolded for Emphasis

  1. Mini Quesadilla

The Mini Quesadilla is a classic favorite among kids. It’s a warm, gooey, and cheesy delight that your child will adore. You can customize it with chicken, steak, or just cheese.

  1. Build Your Own Tacos

Let your child’s creativity shine with our Build Your Own Tacos kit. They can assemble their mini-tacos just the way they like them, adding protein, rice, beans, and salsas to create a masterpiece.

  1. Kid’s Chips & Queso

Our Kid’s Chips & Queso is a crowd-pleaser. The crispy chips are perfect for dipping into our creamy, cheesy queso. It’s a snack that will keep your child smiling.

  1. Kid’s Build Your Own Bowl

For a healthier option, try our Kid’s Build Your Own Bowl. It’s a mini version of our famous burrito bowl, and your child can choose their favorite ingredients to build their perfect meal.

  1. Fruit and Milk

We care about your child’s well-being, which is why we offer fresh apple slices and organic milk as part of our Kids Menu. It’s the ideal way to complete a balanced meal.

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FAQs About the Chipotle Kids Menu

Q1: Are there vegetarian options on the Chipotle Kids Menu?

Yes, there are vegetarian options such as the Mini Quesadilla with cheese and the Build Your Own Bowl with beans and rice.

Q2: Can I order smaller portions from the regular menu for my child?

Absolutely! You can always order a smaller portion of any item from our regular menu to suit your child’s appetite.

Q3: Are the ingredients on the Kids Menu the same quality as the regular menu?

Yes, we use the same high-quality ingredients in our chipotle Kids Menu items as we do in our regular offerings.

Q4: Do you provide allergen information for the Kids Menu items?

Yes, we take allergen information seriously. Please ask our staff for any allergen information or dietary restrictions.

Q5: Can I order online or through the Chipotle app for my child’s meal?

Yes, you can conveniently order your child’s meal through the Chipotle app or our website for easy pickup or delivery.

At Chipotle, we are dedicated to providing delicious, nutritious, and customizable options for kids. Our Kids Menu is designed to cater to your child’s taste buds while giving them the peace of mind that they are enjoying a wholesome meal. From mini quesadillas to build-your-own taco kits, our offerings are sure to bring smiles to your little ones’ faces. Join us at Chipotle for a delightful dining experience that the whole family can enjoy. Make memories, one delicious bite at a time